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“Could you tell a painting to those who cannot see it with their own eyes? Is it possible to see it thanks to own imagination, hearing and touch? Has the word the same aesthetic role of the image? And how, in the presence of a visual disability, a description can help to understand a three-dimensional, tactually perceptible image? And therefore, using the other residual senses, can we enhance the integration between senses and intellect, considering the contribution of the sense of touch to support the story?”

Loretta Secchi, Curator of Museo Tattile Anteros, Bologna.

“Le metodologie dell’esplorazione tattile”

There are things common to everybody such as the ability to dream and to be excited. “From the sign to the dream: when the image is seen by the eyes of the soul”. In this sentence, two words that make us all similar, whatever our “disability” may be: dream and soul. We all can “dream” and we all can “feel”. We all can create our own image of the world.

“Seeing” a painting, but using all the senses, slowly discovering it and let be sourrended by its atmospheres, its poetic message, the power of its images. Slowly it takes shape, the perception gives emotion, the different materials amplify the tactile sensations, the storytelling helps to be involved in the painting. A thread, therefore, that links the sensory experience to the artist’s passion.


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