AIVES – Art & Innovation Visions Emotions Sensations

Project AIVES’ aim is to create a system that gives to everybody the possibility to see works of art / archaeological artefacts / documents and miniatures to all the potential visitors to museums, art galleries, and libraries, through the transmission of stimuli that induce in the user sensations and emotions able to “communicate” the art, translating the artistic artifacts into multisensory experience for all.

In this way, disable and, for example, blind people can “see” a work, but the experience of all visitors is enhanced, too. Aives offers the possibility of understand the artefacts through a multimodal approach involving as many senses as possible.
Therefore, we propose to develop a codification and translation process of a traditional archaeological work / artefact in a multi-sensorial workthat can satisfy the dual need to guarantee its use by disabled, blind and partially-sighted people but also to excite every user.

The process, based on the methods of analysis and implementation resulting from the phases of specification and scientific technological study, can be offered as a service for the realization of multisensory works. Every single work of art / archaeological artefact, in fact, is unique and will probably need particual translation strategies, which will largely depend on the person (the artist-translator) in charge of the production of the multisensory work.
It will be also studied the possibility to realize a standardized technological support which can be use to join several works of art in a single exhibit.

AIVES is financed with funds from the POR Calabria 2014-2020 and has a duration of 24 months (1 December 2017 – 30 November 2019).